PPE Front Aluminum Differential Cover

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Help keep your 2011+ GM’s front axle running cool and clean with an upgraded differential cover from PPE. PPE differential covers are made in the USA from high quality cast aluminum for strength and optimum heat dissipation. Combined with the largest set of cast cooling fins in the industry, found both inside as well as outside the pan, PPE’s differential covers offer fluid cooling capabilities not often matched. This pan also holds an extra quart and a half of fluid offering a bit of added stamina on those long hauls. To keep the fluid clean, PPE installed its exclusive high powered Neodymium magnet equipped fill plug will pull metal particles right out of the oil before they have a chance to attack the bearings. Comes with Stainless Steel fasteners..



▪ Cast from high grade aluminum alloy

▪ 1/4 inch external cooling fins

▪ 5/8 inch internal fins

▪ 3/4 additional quart capacity

▪ 1/8 inch Stainless temperature probe plug

▪ Stainless Steel 17mm hex head drain plug with a 1 inch Neodymium magnet that attracts and holds harmful ferrous metals

▪ Retains use of original high quality gasket

▪ Adds additional strength to gear housing

Available for: 2011+ GM 9.25 IFS - 2500HD/3500HD