Nestled in the quiet cornfields of central Iowa, Kelderman Manufacturing has been in business since 1970. Founder/President Gary Kelderman started his own small manufacturing company building innovative products for the agricultural market. Gary is a renowned inventor for his work with rubber track systems, corn harvesting attachments, hay raking equipment, and more. Kelderman existed only in the agricultural marketplace for roughly 20 years until Gary’s passion for cars/trucks led to the creation of Kelderman Air Suspension. The history of Kelderman Air Suspension first began to take shape when Gary made a common purchase and ended up with a common problem. 

In 1990, Gary Kelderman bought a new Cummins Ram right off the showroom floor. He was so dissatisfied with the way it rode that he parked it for several months to develop a solution for the rough riding Ram truck. Those months of fabrication and design ended with the creation of the Kelderman 2-Stage Rear Air Suspension. A design that is still in production today, Gary’s creation made the truck ride like he really wanted it to. Over the next 25 years, Kelderman developed additional air suspension designs for pickup trucks, chassis cab trucks, RVs, trailers, and even full air suspension lift kits. Gary Kelderman still operates as President of Kelderman Manufacturing and under the leadership of Gary and his son Jeff, what started as a small, agricultural fab shop continues to move forward as a leading innovator in the agricultural and automotive industries.