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– Contains 72 wipes
– Pre-moistened to quickly break up, dissolve and absorb grime and other soiled areas
– Use them as hand wipes or for whatever else is dirty that you want clean
– Easily wipe down plastic, vinyl, metal, tools and other work equipment with fast-flying efficiency
– Perfect for removing other stubborn substances including grease, adhesives, oil, ink, tar and lubricants
– No need to rinse first or dry later — wipe it down and be done
– For plastics, test on a small, unnoticeable area first — not for use on computer screens
– California/OTC VOC compliant
– Made in U.S.A.

Dominate heavy-duty dirt, grease and grime with a simple wipe-and-toss-away approach using Eagle Grit Hand Wipes. Plus, the wipes pair perfectly with Eagle Grit Mechanic’s Hand Cleaner for a faster dive-bomb into total clean.