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Kit Includes:
  • (2) Tapered Steel Fabricated Rear Blocks
  • (4) Rear U-Bolts
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • 3 hole locking feature, securely locking our blocks in place
  • 3 inches wide just like the spring and the spring pad to ensure an even surface contact with the block and spring
  • Not cast, but fabricated steel plate, ensuring the most reliable and heavy duty block on the market
  • Smooth black finish to ensure less rusting compared to normal cast iron blocks

Compare for Yourself :

Our blocks are 3 inches wide, just like the spring and the spring pad. Why mount a block that is 2.25 inches wide under a spring that is 3 inches wide? A full 3/4 inch of the spring will not contact with the block. The smaller sizes have no taper, while the larger sizes have the proper taper and/or angle.