1972-2013 CHEVY/GMC 1500 G2 REAR DIFF COVER 40-2021MB

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G2’s aluminum differential covers are engineered to protect your ring and pinion by cooling the gear oil, as well as providing additional protection from impact. Made from heat-treated aluminum, these covers have internal and external cooling fins that help dissipate the heat from your oil. They also incorporate a magnetic dip stick and drain plug (featuring a very powerful rare earth magnet) that draws any metal particles to helps filter the oil. The Brute differential cover comes coated with a premium UV stable powder coat for a superior finish. They include all necessary stainless steel hardware.

1972-1987 CHEVY/GMC 1500

1988-1998 CHEVY/GMC 1500

1999-2006 CHEVY/GMC 1500

2007-2013 CHEVY/GMC 1500


Overall height 3 1/4″

GM 1972 to 2013 K1500 Truck, Yukon, Suburban G10 &G20 2500LD, Blazer, & some cars

Vehicles with Coil Springs will need some fabrication to install

Includes: Bolt kit, Drain Plug and Dip Stick.

Capacity: 4 Quarts